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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Am I being judgemental?

I know you are probably thinking no :) but hear this out.  I have noticed over the years that somehow I can't help myself when I see things I deem to be offenses against the Church or the Lord.  Like for example someone going to mass wearing shorts they wouldn't even wear to hang out with friends or watch someone eat something right before mass and then taking communion or folks picking up their purses, go to communion and run right out of the door afterwards.  You say these are little things and perhaps they are, after all we are not dressing to impress are we? and God doesn't care what you wear does he?  But I beg to differ!

Let's talk about the attire, nothing offends me more than watching someone (mostly young women) dress in a way that shows disregard for our Lord, I mean you would dress nice to meet the Queen of England or some other dignitary so why is the Lord not worth the same attention and care?  And why should I care? because it seems everywhere else I look (the Baptists, Anglicans, Lutherans) they seem to dress with reverence and care while it appears as if us Catholics do not care, but we do!

And then there's the leaving right after communion.  Now I know some of us are busy and must sometimes rush back somewhere (Home to a sick child/parent or to work) but my answer to that is go to a different mass.  Ether one where you can find someone to sit with your sick loved one or one where you have enough time not to have to rush to work.  I don't know about you but if I were to throw a dinner party and my guests ate and just left before everything could even be put away I would be upset.  Again I'm sure there are folks thinking that God doesn't care but I really think He does.

Y'all excuse my ramblings but this kind of stuff hurts and upsets me to the core.  Most especially when I see some of it done by religious, now that is the last group I expected to see this kind of stuff from.

Your thoughts on this, have you ever encountered these things?  Do you also see them as offenses or do you think they are minor?  Am I overreacting by thinking this is offensive to our Lord?  feel free to comment.


  1. I understand why you feel this way, but perhaps trying to focus on God more and on others less would help? When I start to notice things like this at Mass, I remind myself that Jesus hung out with sinners and the Pharisees rebuked Him for it. Then I turn my gaze back to him and leave the judging of their souls to Him. But I do understand that it is only because you love Him so much. Just never let your gaze leave Him.

  2. Thanks for the commnent and the reminder. You are right in saying that I should focus on Him, it is something that I need to constantly remind myself of.


  3. Yes, we should be entirely focused on God, especially at Holy Mass! I second that, but I don't believe it is always possible. I am one who does not stare at people, but rather gazes at the cross or Tabernacle in prayer. However, you cannot ignore, and you should not ignore the sins of others!
    It is true that you should not judge that person in the way of placing a title on him/her - "she's the immodest gal that doesn't care a hoot about Jesus in the Tabernacle or Jesus within her." That would be wrong, but we are called to judge what others do and lead them away from what hurts them and God.