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I am a Hopeful Bride of Christ and I long for the day I can dedicate all of my life to Him. I have been actively discerning religious life for about 4 years now and I have been accepted to enter the Sisters of Mary, Mother of the Church. I hope to begin formation soon and beg your prayers that my student loans do not keep me from entering. With your help and prayers I hope that my entrance to the SMMC will soon be reality. Rest assured that you are all in my thoughts and prayers - most especially those young men and women discerning their vocations, whether to the religious life, priesthood or married life. Please keep me in your thoughts and prayers as I continue this journey toward Him.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

And so it begins

I can hardly believe that we have started the preparing for Easter already.  It seems that only a day ago we were preparing for Advent.

For days I have been anxiously awaiting the arrival of Lent.  One would think that the desire for such a season is strange however for me, Lent much like Advent conveys feelings of joy.  Some think of Lent as being gloomy; I on the other hand think of it in other ways.  I am reminded of the profound love that God the Father had for us that He sent us His son; as well as the unending love from God the Son that He obediently died on a cross as reparation of our sins.

We often hear spouses and parents speak of willingness to die for a loved one, this example was lived out for us by Chris himself and Lent is my perfect reminder of that love.  It is a time when I am truly guided by the Holy Spirit to reflect on my sins; I feel as though a light is shining on me showing me my faults and I am given the great opportunity to counter these faults and grow in the virtues.

Despite my eager anticipation of Lent I had the hardest time coming up with spiritual exercises for Lent (I don't quite like the word penance) I tried to think of a way that I could grow into a deeper relationship with the Lord and to grow in the virtues.  I have finally decided on a series of penances/spiritual activities that I truly believe will help me grow closer to Him.  The purpose of "giving up" something is not for the sake of giving it up but rather to allow for more time with and closeness to the Lord.  With that in mind I made the following Lenten resolutions.
  • Technology Fast (this means very moderate use of technology - no Facebook at all, light use of Phatmass; nothing at all on Sundays no phone, TV or PC) This also means not watching secular shows or movies (unless of course it is a family occasion like this upcoming Friday)  I am sure you get the idea.
  • Adding in more spiritual reading; I recently picked up the book Fire Within and I am very much looking forward to getting into it.  I am also resolved to reading much of the books I have picked up in the past couple of years.  I feel that time spent in meditation and in reading the works of the great spiritual guides of our times (including the saints) will be of great help to me in my spiritual growth.
  • Daily Rosary - My sister and I started saying the rosary together and I am very happy.  She brought up the idea of us saying it together and I must say I am thrilled.  I am all for families praying together so praying with my sisters puts me over the moon (I am already planning on showing her how to pray the Office so we can pray Morning and Evening Prayers together.  However, I will go slow with the new stuff - all in God's time)
  • Spend more time in Meditation/Adoration - Right now I spend about 2-3 hours a week in Meditation/Adoration and I go about 2-3 times a week on average.  I would like to increase that by 2-3 hours and make my visits daily or at the very least 5 times a week.

I am sure there are other things I could do but these things I feel are at the base of it all.  I see these resolutions as part of my private resolve to live out my faith day by day and I trust that these changes in my normal routine will ultimately lead to growing in the virtues and a deeper relationship with God.  

I pray you all had a very blessed Ash Wednesday and I wish you a fruitful Lenten season.  I also invite you to share with me your Lenten practices.

May the Lord continue to Bless you all.


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